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Jay Baruchel

The Art Of The Steal

Submitted by: Sue Pawlak

Q. Can you name an person from the past whom you would like to portray in a feature film about their life.

Keanu Reeves (Director)

Man of Tai Chi

Submitted by: Margaret Imecs

Q. Hi Keanu Reeves! I\'m a huge fan of yours! What inspired you to do the Man of Tai Chi and If ever you had any regrets looking back in your career? Thanks so much!

Pierce Brosnan

The Love Punch

Submitted by: Carolyn Flear

Q. How do you work up to stepping into character on a daily basis, while filming?

Liane Balaban

The Grand Seduction

Submitted by: JULIA GRANT

Q. Every time I see you on television or in a film, you seem to have a different accent. How do you do it?

Brendan Gleeson

The Grand Seduction

Submitted by: Richard Patterson

Q. What was your favourite thing about filming in Newfoundland?

Taylor Kitsch

The Grand Seduction

Submitted by: Jaimie Milburn

Q. Hey Taylor! What do you look for in a character when you're reading scripts and getting ready to choose your next role?

Steve Coogan


Submitted by: Madison Bartlet

Q. Who is the funniest actor you've ever worked with and why?

Jack Huston

Kill Your Darlings

Submitted by: Lance Morrison

Q. You played Jack Kerouac in this film, how did you prepare to play such a well known person?